Wine stoppers & savers

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Wine aerator ser

Wine aerator set

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  • High quality transparent wine aerator set
  • Put a glass underneath the tranpsarent aerator and fill with wine
  • Accelerate the aeration process, the aerator develops red wine in the time it takes to fill a glass
  • The aerator creates a better taste and smoother finish because of the mixing process with the right amount of air
  • Hand wash after use
Wine Pump + 2 sealers

Wine saver pump and 2 sealers

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  • Stainless steel wine saver pump and 2 sillicone corks
  • Put cork on opened bottle of wine, place pump on top and pump air out to create vacuum
  • The vacuum cork will contribute to longer life shelf compared to normal cork
  • Corks are dishwasher safe and reusable