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Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir ein umfassendes Sortiment renommierter Artikel und Marken für die Gastronomie im Allgemeinen sowie für Bars und Restaurants im Besonderen aufgebaut. Zu unseren Kunden dürfen wir die Gastronomie-Großhandelsunternehmen, die Getränkeindustrie sowie den Weinhandel zählen.

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TheCollection Barprofessional Tess Posthumus

The Collection Bar tools

By Tess Posthumus

Tess Posthumus is an award-winning bartender who fell in love with the magical world of cocktails. She created her own set of exclusive black in order to share this world with you.

Discover new flavors & revisit the old ones
The Collection bar tools will help you discover new flavours, revisit the old ones, and get inspired at thecollectionbartools.com.

Speakeasy Collection Barprofessional

Speakeasy Premium Collection

Available in gold, copper and silver

The rediscovery of the craft cocktail is in full swing. As a tribute to this movement Barprofessional presents a series of high-quality tools with the title ‘The Premium Speakeasy Collection’. A reference to the illegal bars from the 1920s of the 20th century during prohibition in the US, and the emergence of the classic cocktail recipes from that period. Superior materials combined with timeless design and functionality. Designed for the professional and demanding bartender who understands his trade.

Speakeasy Collection
Tiki Cocktail Collection

Tiki Cocktail Collection

For all your tropical cocktails

A series of Tiki items for the professional bartender. Tiki mugs are fastbecoming a must have for any bar serving cocktails. What better way to present your tropical drink. Whilst slightly more expensive than most glassware, the advantage of ceramic mugs are strength, thermal characteristics and the visual impact that will lead to increased sales.